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Ryan Rivando

Film + Video • Sculpture • Mixed Media • St. Catharines

Ryan Rivando is a native of Niagara and multidisciplinary artist.

He is a graduate of the Visual Arts program at Brock University with a Concentration in Curatorial Studies.

As an artist Ryan works with video, installation, drawing and mixed media and often visits and repurposes past events, trends or heirlooms. He also recently worked as Art Director on the Niagara produced feature film, The Hotel Dieu.

In addition, Ryan is an active member of the Niagara Artists Centre and Niagara Crystal Beach Comets Hockey Club. The Comets are St. Catharines inclusion to the nationally affiliated league, Good Times Hockey League of the Arts.

Video: RowBoat

This is a site specific video that is meant to be viewed on location at the St. Catharines Dry Docks.

It is also part of a larger project called Niagara Here which is part of the Cultural Capitals of Canada program in commemoration of the War of 1812.

The Niagara Here project is comprised primarily of video and augmented reality projects that are viewed on your smart phone or tablet. For more information, visit the Niagara Here project.

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Video: Silent Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible is one of those movies I remember from being a kid. But I don't really remember any words or writing- it's an action film, and Silent Mission Impossible is all action.

In this (shortened) film I cut out all of the dialogue and corresponding video. Even the smallest gestures have become accentuated and in turn created moments that are awkward and sometimes charming.

I wanted to demonstrate the importance of the small intricacies, even in an action film where it's really all about the big bangs. By transforming Mission Impossible into a silent film I hope to reveal special (or not so special) moments in the film that are otherwise lost or overshadowed.

Despite the lack of dialogue it is possible to understand a story that unfolds through gestures and actions.

This is an excerpt from the full version, which runs 1:1:52

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Video: Revised Landmark

This project uses fact and fiction to temporarily re-imagine a disappeared St. Catharines landmark.

The video was projected onto the 1 remaining wall of the Russell Hotel- an iconic landmark for many St. Catharines downtowners.

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Video: A Watched Pot

This video is intended to be installed as a continuous loop.

"A Watched Pot Never Boils" is a play on an old saying and addresses today's ever shortening attention span.

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